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We will do our best to keep an active update of our brewery progress on this blog.  We thank you all for your support as we move forward with this journey!

It’s been a little over two years since we brewed our very first batch of beer.  A basic extract kit – pot and a turkey fryer.  Our knowledge and equipment has continued to grow over the last few years.  We’ve been lucky to be surrounded with others who share the “craft beer” passion.  The feedback and open conversations with Pac City Brewing, MacLeod Brewing, Hand Brewing and San Fernando Brewing has helped us decide on the direction to take 818 Brewing.  We say Thanks to all of them!

O yeah – we’re not journalists or anything, so take this as our apology now for out of place , . ‘ and other grammar issues! =)  We’ll leave the !!! for our beer!

Any comments, concerns PLEASE hit us up!

JUNE-JULY 2014 : many options have been floating around.  Should we do a brew-pub?  A brewery only?  Brewery and tasting room?  Way too much to discuss in this post alone but we decided to move forward as a Brewery Only ( 1 bbl system ) similar to how Hess Brewing started down in San Diego.  The option for a tasting room will be determined at a later date.  Most likely off site.

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2014: Located and secured 1100 sq ft M2 zoned building in Canoga Park, CA.  We’ve drawn up rough plans to make sure the 1bbl system will fit along with hopefully the growth into a 7bbl system in the future.  Along with a tasting room and the required ADA bathrooms.  It’s gonna be tight BUT it fits!!  Rough plans have been approved by the landord!  Next step is the plumbing layout, business structure and meeting with the lawyers and CPA!  We’ve also added an online store to this website CLICK HERE for the 818 BREWING Merch Store The sales of our merch goes into the money pit fund the brewery will take to open.  We appreciate all the support and love seeing pics of 818 Brewing gear on you!

OCTOBER 2014:  LLC paperwork submitted to the State of California.  Revised and re-worked budget for brewery build-out.  Busy month with all the foundation work to hopefully make the build out process go smooth.  Two more months left in 2014 … lets see what we get done!


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