Monthly Archives: February 2015


HAPPY 2015!  The Brewery Plans received a few minor corrections to our plans from the city.  Our expeditor also has contact with all the other departments involved in this build out process!  Our revised plans and water usage plan will be submitted in early February.  And we’re crossing our figures for the approval to move forward with our building permits!

Other areas we’ve been putting in work is working out the right configuration of the brewery equipment.  We will be ordering the equipment in Feb 2015

We’re also working on re-branding the 8one8 Brewing logo.  We’re looking forward to posting up the new look soon to get a feel for what everyone thinks!

brewery plans

The process of re-branding

We’re also in the middle of filling out our ABC paperwork and that will also be submitted in Feb.

Lots of behind the scenes work taking place ….. we’re looking forward to putting up some pictures and videos of the “fun stuff” soon!  CHEERS!