BREWERY PLANS (Week one of June 1st – 7th) 2015

New Month = another month of Rent due!  One of the budget items that stings while doing the brewery build out!

On a positive note … plumbing continued this week.  Sinks and water heaters have been installed.

We’re spending some behind the scenes time on the beer.  Dialing in recipes for the larger system and working on our descriptions and branding for each beer.  This is the fun stuff and we can’t wait to drop this information to everyone.

Behind the scenes work on tasting room options is also on the map and we hope to have information on that soon!

We also continue to meet new Founding Members as new ones continue to join.  We hit a milestone of 100+ members and we also hit a social media milestone by breaking the 1,000+ fans on Facebook mark.  Very exciting times as the valley begins to hear about what we have going on!  The support of all of you is what keeps us going!  We see a light at the end of the tunnel but still have a lot of work, time and money to get this brewery open.  Stay Tuned!

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