Less than a month after our final approval and ribbon cutting we brewed our first production batch on the 3bbl system on 9-13-15.

All the brewers and brewery’s we talked with said to be ready for a long day.  All of them were 100% correct!  At 11pm ( 30 min into our boil ) we sat out on the tailgate of a truck eating freshly delivered pizza and we noticed the steam coming from the roof vent and the smell of hops filled the parking lot.  These little moments is what makes it all worth it!  The first production batch to ever be brewed in Canoga Park was in the air.  We have big dreams for what we can bring to the valley with our Nano Brewery and we thank everyone for the support!

We did have a couple curve balls tossed at us but we survived and so did the beer as it started roaring with fermenting bubbles.  Check out the pictures and videos below.  Stay tuned for where we end up on tap!  And of course CHEERS!

8one8 Brewing : 3bbl control panel

8one8 Brewing : 3bbl system and malt

8one8 Brewing : mash tun

8one8 Brewing : sparge arm