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Get in the KEG!

Our first production batch of beer is in kegs and will be tapped for the First time on 11-4-15 at Crazy Harry’s Bar in Winnetka, CA.  Our story starts at this location and we’re thankful we have the opportunity to tap the first keg there.  We will also be tapping two other locations with our first batch.  Schoonerville in Canoga Park, CA on 11-6-15 which is walking distance from the brewery and they’ve been dealing with us walking in dusty and dirty from construction and also ready to serve us a refreshing beer after the long work nights at the brewery!  Taps in Northridge is also supporting us with this first batch.  The name Matador Red was born at Taps and we’re excited that this beer gets to make a debut here!

Below is the journey of the first batch!

BREWED: 9-26-15

20150913_170258 (2)

On 10.8.15 we transferred the first batch of Matador Red ( 90 gallons ) from the fermenter to the brite tanks.  To carbonate and clarify.


The kegs have been patiently waiting to be filled up.  We decided to go with stainless steel kegs to start.  Some new plastic keg options are available and could be an option down the road.  BUT at this point in our process the name of the game is controlling as many variables as possible and stainless steel kegs are proven!

20150914_145021 (3)

Every step in the process at the brewery requires new toys!  The guys over at Culver Co. in Chatsworth, CA have been great!  They helped us assemble our keg filler piece by piece ( pic below )  Thanks Guys!


Time to fill’r up!


First production batch of kegs from 8one8 Brewing sealed and labeled!  10.27.15


Where’s the beer?

Check out this clip that Left at 3rd did for us while we were at the Chile Festival in San Fernando this month! Check out @allyzonsius work on IG ->>> @leftatthird

We’re busy getting tap handles, merch and other items ready!  Our FIRST production kegs will be tapped soon!

at Crazys Harry’s in Winnetka, CA on 11.4.15

at Schoonerville Bar & Grill in Canoga Park, CA on 11.6.15

at Taps Valley Gastropub in Northridge, CA on 11.9.15




8 one 8 Brewing Merch Store is NOW OPEN!

We’ve been grinding thru the process to work out our recipes on the new system.  We have a few batches in the works and we’re very excited to see the brewery come to life.  The smell of grains and hops now fills the air.  The support has been overwhelming and the question of how to get our beer is asked everyday!  THANK YOU!  We can’t wait to get our beer out in the market but at the same time we need to make sure that the quality product we demand is what hits the market.  Many of you have also asked for merch.  We have put together a few items and we will keep adding more in the future!  The online store is NOW OPEN!  As always, thanks for the support and don’t forget to spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers!

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