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OUR ROOTS:  The start of 818 Brewing can be traced back to three things — the discovery of a new bar, our curiosity and our entrepreneurial spirit.

818 Brewing

The time spent at a new, local bar was actually our crash course to the craft brew scene. Thanks to this crazy new bar in Winnetka, CA and our buddy the bartender, we were introduced to new styles of beer that were much different than the commercial brands we were used to. After many conversations on the process of making beer and the brewing techniques of smaller breweries, we decided to take a chance at brewing our own malted, adult beverages! 

We signed up for a Maltose Falcons class, bought a brewing kit and a turkey fryer and made a batch of beer on June 23, 2012. After this first batch, we were hooked! We invested more time in learning about the process, fabricated custom brewing equipment and experimented with new recipes while tweaking them to make them our own. 

After serving samples of our homemade brews and getting positive feedback, we began talking of doing it legit and opening up a brewery!  Given our Valley roots and the fact our beer was brewed out of a garage in Sylmar, CA, we decided 818 Brewing was the perfect name and we filed our paperwork in October 2014 for our new venture.

What we’ve enjoyed the most along our journey is the sense of community within the craft brew scene. Not many products can bring together men and women of different nationalities, age groups, religious beliefs, income levels, political views – and even fellow brewers! – And create a moment of common ground.  8 one 8 Brewing is proud to offer a product that brings us together to say cheers!


The Brewery:

8one8 Brewing, LLC was formed on October 14, 2014

Construction began in April 2015

Approved to begin operations on 8.18.15

October of 2015 our first batch of beer was keged

November 2015 was the first release of beer into local San Fernando Valley locations

February 2017 plans to expand the brewery production and also open up a tasting room.

We’ve created a Founders Club for the brewery!  There will only be a total of 818 members!  Click below if you would like to add your name to the list and continue on this journey for local craft beer produced and consumed in the San Fernando Valley!

Check out our Founders Club:

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