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8.18.15 : 8one8 Brewing Ribbon Cutting

The brewery is officially approved and ready for production.  We celebrated with the 8one8 Brewing Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday 8.18.15 with the San Fernando Valley Chamber

8one8 Brewing Ribbon Cutting

Chamber of Commerce @ 8one8 Brewing Ribbon Cutting

Here’s some details about the brewery!

* We’re a production only Nano Brewery ( no tasting room at this time )

* We’re ramping up production and will be releasing beer as it becomes available.  Stay tuned to our social media for updates as we will be on tap soon at a few locals!

* Founding Memberships are still available!

* We will start off by releasing kegs for local distribution.  Growlers and 22oz bombers will also be in the works in about 4-6 months!

Thanks for all the support!  Feel free to contact us with any ?’s or feedback!



BREWERY PLANS JULY 2015: 1st thru 12th






Happy B-Day America!  We hope everyone had a great 4th and that summer is going well for everyone.  The valley is heating up and so are things at the brewery!  Here’s an update of what’s going down on De Soto!

CONDENSER FOR COLD BOX (purchsed – lifted and set in place for HVAC contractor)

























CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:  We passed final Plumbing inspection on 7-10-15.  Three months to the day that our construction permits were issued.  We should have 3 left ( HVAC, ELECTRICAL and BUILDING FINAL


We had a great meeting with 11:11 San Fernando Valley Art Collective.  We have exciting projects in the works with them.  Stayed tuned for announcements!

On the not so positive side of things.  We still don’t have our gas meter installed from the SoCal Gas Company.  It’s a process that we’ve been involved with since March.  We can’t finish equipment install until the meter is in place.  Our plan is still to be an approved and operational brewery by 8-18-15.  Beer inventory will depend on when we can get the meter and begin brewing our test batches.  We plan to have a “opening” but at this time it looks like it will be open to Founding Members only.  We will keep everyone updated as we make final decisions.  Thanks for all the support!  Cheers!


BREWERY PLANS (Week three n four of June) 2015: 15th-28th

Well we rolled right thru last week without an update!  A lot going on!  Where to start!

We hope everyone enjoyed LA BEER WEEK! #labw7  Great to see all the support for local craft beer!






The rest of our equipment showed up on Tuesday 6-23-15.  Now it’s officially starting to look and feel like a brewing facility!














We’re also making plans for OPENING DAY!  With our limited space we will not be able to have the event open to the public.  It will be an invite only event that will be for our Founding Members.  Join today to support our local brewery and take part in the Grand Opening event!

clubs of america beer


BREWERY PLANS (Week two of June 8th – 14th) 2015

Week two of June is in the books and we are in full swing on this project.  We have a lot going on and a lot to do to get this little beer making warehouse opened up and running.  From sizing up our refrigeration equipment, designing keg collars, setting budgets, planning beer brewing schedules, working to get our socal gas meter paid for and installed.  Every angle of this project is hitting right now.  We’re enjoying the process, some stressful times but this is what it’s all about!  The plan is coming to life!

Here’s the visual of the week.  The first picture is how our brew equipment sits right now.  And the CAD drawing is what Derrick is working on to design the functionality of the system.  Valves, pumps, fittings and tubing all need to be planned out exactly.  The equipment and process to make beer is also an art in itself and it’s great to have a brilliant mind part of this project.


We also continue to meet new Founding Members as new ones continue to join our beer club.  Very exciting times as the valley begins to hear about what we have going on!  The support of all of you is what keeps us going!  We see a light at the end of the tunnel but still have a lot of work, time and money to get this brewery open.  Stay Tuned!


Become a Founder or Sponsor a Membership for a friend, family member, co-worker or spouse!

nano brewery beer club



BREWERY PLANS (Week one of June 1st – 7th) 2015

New Month = another month of Rent due!  One of the budget items that stings while doing the brewery build out!

On a positive note … plumbing continued this week.  Sinks and water heaters have been installed.

We’re spending some behind the scenes time on the beer.  Dialing in recipes for the larger system and working on our descriptions and branding for each beer.  This is the fun stuff and we can’t wait to drop this information to everyone.

Behind the scenes work on tasting room options is also on the map and we hope to have information on that soon!

We also continue to meet new Founding Members as new ones continue to join.  We hit a milestone of 100+ members and we also hit a social media milestone by breaking the 1,000+ fans on Facebook mark.  Very exciting times as the valley begins to hear about what we have going on!  The support of all of you is what keeps us going!  We see a light at the end of the tunnel but still have a lot of work, time and money to get this brewery open.  Stay Tuned!

Want to help?  Email us and we will keep you posted on brewery work days ->

Want to help more? =)  Help spread the word on Social Media about our new nano brewery ->


Want to help even more? =) =)  Join the Founders club and help promote our new nano brewery!

 clubs of america beer


BREWERY PLANS (Week four of MAY 22rd – 31st) 2015

Last week of May round up over here at 8one8 Brewing

During this week we had the opportunity to meet many of our Founding Members!  It has been great to meet everyone and hear their stories along with sharing our stories.  At this point we have 100 members and we look forward to meeting all of them.  Fathers Day is coming up in June, click here to get Dad a membership ->

 Founding Member

We attended the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber Network Breakfast.  It was great to meet others business owners in the community and receive positive feedback for our new venture.

On the construction front, we finished our FRP panel installation, began to run the electrical cable and put the roof on the cold box.  The best news of the week is that we received sign off and permits for our medium pressure gas line.  This means that we can now finish up construction!

wire for beerpull wire for beer

We wrapped up the week/month on Sunday getting down to beer business.  We spent the day brainstorming and planning.  We have a prototype tap handle, keg collar and fine tuned the beer lineup!

As we wrap up May we sit at a countdown of 79 days until our target opening date.  Pending construction, inspections and equipment setup all going as planned!  June is a big month for us!  Stay tuned as we update you every week and keep the option open to be a Founding Member


BREWERY PLANS (Week three of MAY 18th-22nd) 2015

A week full of paperwork….But important paperwork!  All in the process to open up!  Some BIG news arrived in the mail this week.  We have our pink slip that says ABC LICENSE!  Woohooo!

Craft Brewey San Fernando Valley

We also received out City of Los Angeles Business License …. or tax certificate =)


We joined the CCBA – California Craft Beer Association


We also joined the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce.  We look forward to seeing you at these events.

GSFVCC Logo - White


We attended a training course on Responsible Beverage Service @ Tarzana Treatment Center with 11:11art collective


We do have some construction updates as well.  We have our new set of gas plans in hand.  We will be taking these into the city next week to hopefully get final approval to finish construction.

And after all that updating here’s a teaser pic of our IPA … can’t wait till it’s served!  Cheers and have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


PRESS RELEASE:  Not just a new business but a new Industry in the San Fernando Valley is growing!  Residents of the San Fernando Valley will have a new flavor in town. 8one8 Brewing, LLC will be the NEW Craft Brewery scheduled to open in August 2015 located at 8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park.  We’re excited and we look forward to the start of our journey to create our story in the San Fernando Valley!

What defines a “nano brewery”:  Basically it’s a scaled-down microbrewery, that produces beer in small batches for sale!  Nano-breweries, are a new and increasingly popular segment of the craft brewing world and are intentionally kept very small.  8one8 Nano Brewery usually won’t brew more than one batch at a time, or desire to see our beer served at bars across the country. We’re taking producing and drinking craft beer locally to the next level.



BREWERY PLANS (Week two of MAY 11st-17th) 2015



American Craft Beer Week:  What a great week over here at 8one8 Brewing!  Here’s the update.

May 12th-14th :  We installed the FRP wall panels and 6″ cove base tile in the brew area and wash down areas.

May 16th : We took a break and headed out to the Vegan Beer Fest in Pasadena @ the Rose Bowl.  It was great to get back in the mix at a beer event and try some new beer selections. We look forward to serving at events soon!

Local San Fernando Valley BeerDerrick Olson 8one8 Brewing brewer

May 17th :  we wrapped up the week by putting the walls up on the walk-in cold box.  The place is really starting to come together and looks more and more like a brewery everyday.  Exciting times over here at 8one8 Brewing!

We’re close to breaking the 100 Founding Members mark!  Join the club today! ->

clubs of america beer



BREWERY PLANS (Week one of MAY 1st-10th) 2015

Things are really moving along.  We’ve decided to do our best to post weekly now to keep everyone up to date.

May 5th we passed our Rough Plumbing inspection.

May 6th we had to go back to the city and go over the plans for our gas line and venting for the brewing equipment.  We will need to visit the city one more time with revised gas plans to get approval and pay for additional permits.  We also poured concrete to slop to the drains and to also give us back our floor =)

May 7th finalized minor details for our cold box and placed our order.

May 8th our brite tanks and fermenters are ready to ship.  Gotta hustle and make space for them when they show up.

6bbl fermenters for brewery in san fernando valley





heat exchanger





May 9th our cold box panels arrived and we started drywall

Also, our first run of Founding Member shirts have been completed by California Print Co.  Still have spots available, lock in your founding membership today! CLICK HERE TO JOIN


WOW!!  What a month of Brewery Plans!

MARCH update for the 8one8 Brewery Build Out:

The city signed off on our plan on March 2nd and we received our RTI ( ready to issue )  Which basically means we can now pull our construction permits.  After the sign off we were able to officially move forward with plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans.  These plans are now complete and will be submitted to the city in early April.  Once these are signed off we can begin construction!  We can’t thank Meehan Consulting enough for the effort and work they have put into our project!  Thank you John and your great team!

brewery plans


On March 10th we filed our application with the ABC office in Van Nuys, CA and on the 11th we had our notice posted at the brewery

brewery plans


We also started our initial paperwork with the TTB at the end of March!

The month wrapped up by receiving the delivery of our 3bbl Brew System from Stout Tanks.

brewery plans


We also have a new logo and branding we will be releasing soon along with details for our Founders Club.  The idea is starting to come to life and we’re very excited as the journey moves forward!  Cheers!