8one8 Brewing, LLC : A Nano Brewery for the San Fernando Valley located @ 8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park, California 91304


8one8 Brewing, LLC @ 8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park, California 913048ONE8 NANO BREWERY

We’re a production only Nano Brewery ( no tasting room at this time )  Why no tasting room?


PHASE 1:  We will start off by releasing kegs for local distribution.  We will be on tap at a few Locals ( stay tuned to our social media for on tap locations)

PHASE 2: Brewery capacity expansion and tasting room.  Paperwork started February 2017, target open date October – December 2017!

Founding Memberships are still available!

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Not just a new business but a new Industry in the San Fernando Valley is growing!  Residents of the San Fernando Valley have a new flavor in town. 8one8 Brewing, LLC is a NEW Micro Brewery that opened on 8.18.15 and is located at 8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park.  We look forward to creating our story in the San Fernando Valley!

What defines a “nano brewery”:  Basically it’s a scaled-down microbrewery, that produces beer in small batches for sale!  Nano-breweries, are a new and increasingly popular segment of the craft brewing world and are intentionally kept very small.  8 one 8 Brewery operating as a nano usually won’t brew more than one batch at a time, or desire to see our beer served at bars across the region or country. Beer Manufacturing on the micro level is new to the valley and we’re excited to be part of the movement of producing and drinking craft beer locally to the next level.

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