Flagship Beers from 8one8 Brewing 

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A mixture of classic German influence and fresh California flavor, the Valley Girl Blonde Ale is a throwback to the style we first started brewing in a Sylmar garage in 2012. It took countless rounds of trial-and-error to get it just right, but she wouldn’t be a Valley Girl if she weren’t a little high maintenance. The rich, malty body pops in your mouth and the light citrus aroma invites you back for another sip. At 5.6%, the Valley Girl is an all-the-time beer, whether you’re chillin’ in Mailbu or just kickin’ it in Sylmar, a Valley Girl Blonde fits the scene.

5.6% ABV                                             16 IBU                                 Golden Color, Slight Haze

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Grab your next pint by the horns. In the Matador Red, Amarillo and Centennial hops come together to produce floral and citrus tones balancing out seven styles of grain that create warm caramel notes and a soft chocolate aftertaste that sits smoothly on your tongue. It’s the balance and the complexity that make Matador a red ale to remember, so grab one next time you see it on tap in the Valley. 

5.8% ABV                                            20 IBU                                  Deep Red Color

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Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe and Citra hops blend perfectly to bring on a crashing wave of citrus balanced against a sweet malt head. The grapefruit aroma and aftertaste stick with you long after the glass is empty. If you’re celebrating a good day or trying to turn a bad one around, this double IPA is for you!

9.2% ABV                                          102 IBU                                 Vivid Orange Color

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Test Batch Porter 8.2%

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The Gravity Hill is a full bodied tripel that mixes notes of clove, banana, and vanilla. Its sweet, rich flavor is balanced out with a warm and bitter pepper finish that’s guaranteed to shift your equilibrium. Named after a Sylmar urban legend in which things roll up hill, our 818 interpretation of this traditional Trappist style is our attempt at a gravity-defying flavor experience.

8.3% ABV                                          26 IBU                                 Golden Color

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Residents of the San Fernando Valley have a brewery and tasting room to call their own. 8one8 Brewing, LLC is an Independent Craft Micro-Brewery that opened on 8.18.15 located at 8951 De Soto Ave in Canoga Park.  Beer Manufacturing on the micro level is new to the valley and we’re excited to be part of the movement of producing and drinking craft beer locally to the next level in the San Fernando Valley!


Hours of Operation for the 818 Brewing Tasting Room:

Monday-Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday from 5pm till 10pm

Friday from 5pm till 10pm

Saturday from 12pm till 10pm

Sunday from 12pm till 8pm


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